Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: As Real as They Come

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Dom with Governor Scott Walker

One of the great parts of my job as a talk show host on WPHT 1210-AM Radio is that I get to meet and observe behind-the-scenes  politicians and other public figures. Then I get to relay my observations to you.

After a number of years of doing this, I’ve developed a pretty good radar that helps to detect the people who are not what they try to project to the public. I particularly observe how they treat their staff  and how demanding they are of my producer and our staff.

I’m happy to say that Governor Scott Walker  passes all my tests with flying colors. He is an authentic leader.

I was impressed with him from the time he entered our building on Tuesday morning. He was very down to earth, polite and genuine. He was easy to engage during the breaks in talking about our families, the history of Philadelphia and, of course, the Eagles vs. Packers.

On the air Walker was very articulate and professional. I often have to remind guests to be near the mic when speaking. Walker immediately was right on top of the mic. He obviously enjoys talk radio and the direct exchange with listeners.  He was most proud of the fact that 40%of union households supported him  in his recall election.

He represents to me what the model should be for Mitt Romney. He is a respectful guy, but someone who clearly will challenge the direction his state and the country is going in.  He said Romney has to get out of his Boston Bubble of advisers in order to make his case to the American people.  Romney would do well to spend time with him and pick his brain  and  channel exactly how he proceeded in Wisconsin.

It’s clear to me from off air conversations that Walker favors Paul Ryan as the VP choice and thinks he’s in the final two or three. I think Ryan would be a great choice.

Expect to hear Governor Walker with me  as a co-host from the Republican convention.

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