The Great Christmas Light Debate

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Are you living under a white light Iron Curtain? Does your neighborhood, development or town have an unwritten rule that white lights are traditional, chic, or just look better than colored lights for Christmas?

Throw off these phony airs and embrace the lights of your childhood.  Start an outpost of traditional colorful Christmas lights inside and, more importantly, outside your home.


This white light mania reached its high point for me last year when I advocated for Marie Buonnano, who dared to put up colored lights in her Doylestown, PA development and was threatened with a $400 fine. Why are the colored lights so offensive?

And second, why does the color of Christmas lights even warrant the time of a neighborhood association? Don’t these people have better things to do? Obviously not.

According to the groupthink dictated by these neighborhood association types, people who enjoy the multi-color lights clearly need to be enlightened by them.

As Charlie Brown would say: good grief!

Mixed Marriages

I have even read of couples who are mixed light marriages, deciding to alternate white lights and colored lights as decorations. Other mixed marriages put the colored lights on the tree and the white lights on the outside of the house.

I have to draw the line in the winter snow on this. It’s clear that colored lights are the true symbols of the holiday. They’re a longstanding tradition.

White lights are pretentious. White lights are blah. White lights are no way to truly get into the Christmas spirit.

The New York Times reports that of the thousands of strings of lights sold each year by a leading vendor, Christmas Lights Etc. of Georgia, and 70 percent are white.  This has gone too far. 

Since the white light zealots are trying to legislate Christmas decorating, I am going to use the power of my WPHT talk radio microphone to enact a common sense policy: I want to establish colored light zones this year. 

Required lights for a traditional, authentic Christmas!

We need bands of people saying “I will not give in to the pseudo sophistication of the white light lobbyists and wanna-be legislators! I will hang my multi-colored lights proudly and preserve the Christmas of our childhoods!”

Colored lights are not gaudy. They are real and authentic. They go with real trees and this trend toward artificial trees is another sign of a fake Christmas.

I’d love to know if you are living in a colored light zone. Let me know about outstanding towns that are truly traditional. I know that in DomTown, USA most homes are decorated with colored lights (in the spirit of democracy, we do not mandate this).

In DomTown , USA, the white-light crowd  is in the less fashionable part of town.  People shake their heads as they drive by these homes. And because the multi-colored light people are typically kind and generous, they often invite the kids from white-light homes over to their house so they can experience a real Christmas.

So if currently, the white light crowd outnumbers us 70 to 30 percent, let’s have a five-year plan to turn that around. I’m dreaming of a colored light Christmas. We will never get the federal deficit down in our lifetimes, so this goal may be more realistic.


Let me know if you’re a multi-color light family or one of those, uh, ahem,  mis-guided white light homes.

6 Responses to The Great Christmas Light Debate

  1. Elena December 3, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    We like both types of lights and used colored and white lights on our indoor real tree to brighten it up. We use white candles in windows and a spotlight on the wreath on our door. We find that white lights outside help to light up the house and help guests maneuver our curved walkway when it is dark out.

  2. Bob December 3, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    We have one indoor tree with white lights and one with colored lights.
    We use white candle lights in our windows,
    Our HO Association does allow multi-colored lights, although a few years ago, they changed our annual Xmas party to a holiday party, obviously, a PC group.

    Incidentally, I received an email asking everyone to send the ACLU a Christmas card, since they are so intent on taking Christmas away. Sounds like a good plan, the object being that they would have to open every card, because they would not know if there was a donation inside.

  3. Marjorie December 4, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    My preference of lights is both. I like to see multi-colored on shrubs outdoors. Years ago, I have had all blue lights on a tree that I also decorated with snow. And, also all red lights. Then, changed to multi-colored. Now,I have white lights because that is what the “unreal trees” have on them.

  4. Mary munizza December 12, 2012 at 2:18 am #

    I find all white lights boring and not very festive. To me colored lights are more cheerful and represent the Christmas spirit. White lights are lit year round by many businesses.

  5. the Ken December 1, 2013 at 11:29 pm #

    Ok, got to flame the fires of the Color vs White lights debate!.

    This has always bugged me since I was`a child.

    My moms snobby friends always decorated with white. Telling my mother basically, it was beneath them to use colored lights. that they were only for poor people??.

    Well I beg to differ. I have money, yet I still decorate with colored. The reason you may ask is, to me , being…

    I see white lights all year long. every day. hell my lamp I have on now is white. But during Christmas…
    (and yes I know Christmas has become a four letter word to some, but I digress. Anyways, during CHRISTMAS)

    I want to see some color!. the snow it white, so to light the snow up with a little color just makes sense. Santa has a red and white suit, not white only, most wrapping paper comes in colors. Most decorations, have some color in them.

    So it just seems natural to me to use colored lights to enhance my Christmas experience. and to those the decorate with White Lights so they can seem classy. For shame, you do not look class to me, instead you just look snobby and desparate for acceptance!. Just my opinion.

    So when you pass a house at Christmas time , and they have colored lights. I’m betting they are in a way more festive holiday mood than you are. with your boring assed white lights!

    So in closing, go decorate with whatever pleases you, and you can keep on thinkin I have no class for having Color lights, and I can think you are a freakin snob and a frigid person for not using color.

    Have a Happy, Merry, festive, Color Christmas!,

    and remember, there is always a funeral home that can be decorated with white lights, I hear the dead don’t care!

  6. Amy Camacho November 9, 2014 at 1:48 pm #

    The way I see it, if you want white lights why not just put decorations out and turn on the porch light? And forcing people to only use the white lights is ludacris. I also wanted to point out how now we’re being forced to buy the ugly new colors of just a handful instead of the old christmas lights that had pink, yellow, purple, green, red and orange. I actually like if they throw a bluish green one in the mix but hat the ones that are only blue, green and red. Those colors don’t feel like Christmas at all.

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