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I am in "hoagie training" for this event!

I am in “hoagie training” for this event!

My resume has been pretty focused, with just two jobs: teacher and, for the past 25 years, radio talk show host. In my mind, this was a logical career path. Both involved LOTS of talking, although in talk radio no one has ever thrown an eraser at me.

But when I entered the world of talk radio, I soon began to add some additional skills to the “Experience” section of my resume. For instance:

I once judged a Miss Kensington beauty pageant. We actually included probing, thought-provoking questions about solving world hunger and the conflicts in the Mideast.

I appeared at a print shop once for a grand opening. The proud owner asked me to be a “celebrity printing press operator” because he promised a couple of his best customers that I would be personally printing their print jobs. Even though I wore a smock, I could not get the printing ink off my hands for days.

I was a line judge for charity at a celeb tennis match for charity and John McEnroe was playing. I was disappointed he and I didn’t get into a shouting match!!

On my border tour trip, I was driven 182.5 mph at the Charlotte Speedway. The NASCAR driver had a burn suit and I didn’t. I fortunately came out of that in one piece.

I  was a bartender in my father’s South Jersey bar and many times as a celebrity bartender for charity events. Whenever I did that, I remembered my former WWDB colleague, the legendary “Evil” Irv Homer who actually ran a bar and would call into talk radio shows late at night to pass the time.

I’ve done the intermission show at an actual radio (fortunately no one tried to set angry bull on me while I was in the ring) and I did play by play for the Shriners at a field in Plymouth Meeting.

primo-hoagiesSo thanks to talk radio, I’ve added a ton of new professional experiences to my career resume. Now I am ready to add a new skill to my list of achievements: Primos hoagie maker.

As a born-and-raised South Philly guy. I was brought up on water ice and hoagies. So when the good folks at Primos Hoagies offered me a chance to get behind a counter and make some actual hoagies, I jumped at the chance.

Primos Hoagies Chestnut Hill

Primos Hoagies Chestnut Hill

Some kids dream one day of wearing the pinstripes and playing center field for the New York Yankees. For a South Philly guy, making authentic South Philly/Italian hoagies is what we love to do. So on Wednesday, June 10th, I am teaming up with Primos Hoagies for a special Dom G. Customer Appreciation Day at their Chestnut Hill location (51 Bethlehem Pike).

Stop by between 12:40 and 2:30 and yours truly will be behind the counter. To celebrate, the Chestnut Hill Primos will be offering $6.99 Primos Size Hoagies all day long.

Like the famed Rocky, I have been training for June 10th. I’ve been studying lunchmeats…learning the details of the Primos Hoagies ingredients…and even running up the steps of the Art Museum to build up my hoagie-making stamina! I hope to see you there. Here are the details:

Primos Hoagies Chestnut Hill

51 Bethlehem Pike

Phila., PA 19118

(267) 728-0100

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