Radio Show

If you’ve never heard my program on WPHT 1210-AM Radio in Philadelphia, it’s going to be hard to describe it in just a couple of sentences. But let me give it a shot.

I always hear marketing people talk about something called the “elevator speech” where you have to imagine yourself in an elevator with a stranger. On the time it takes to make that trip to your floor, you have to succinctly describe yourself (or your company) to that person.

So if you and I were in that elevator, here’s how that elevator speech might go…

What’s your show about?

We talk news, politics and current events that impact our world, obviously. But we cover an eclectic mix of subjects, like entertainment, the media, books and lifestyle. One minute I could be interviewing a terrorism expert, the next minute I’m talking about my experience being a judge at a “Miss Kensington” pageant (which was sort of terrifying in its own way!).

What’s your political viewpoint?

I belong to the “Common Sense” party. I do not regurgitate talking points from a political party’s platform; and I hope my listeners and callers do not either. I believe we should all be independent-minded critical thinkers.

What’s your background?

I attended law school for three years, but put the brakes on that and switched gears to become a teacher. Dealing with boisterous kids seven hours a day was great preparation for being a radio talk show host.

How would listeners describe you and your show?

There’s no greater compliment than to be called “habit-forming,” especially from listeners and callers who passionately disagree with you. I like to think that anyone who listens or calls will say whether they share my opinion on a given topic, we try to be fair and respectful…except when some slippery politician, newsmaker or spokesperson tries to pull a fast one. That’s a sure-fire way to set off my BS detector!

What do listeners like best about the show?

Overwhelmingly, they tell me how much they like the fact that I consistently and constantly deliver the biggest guests on the station. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

Favorite part of the show?

Getting out of the studio. I don’t want to just talk about the news; I want to be out there witnessing it, capturing the experience and getting the sounds and soundbites for the listeners. I want to make the program as “experiential” as I can.

My floor is coming up. How do I find you on the radio?

Weekdays, 9AM to 12 noon. And on Saturday afternoons, I put my teaching experience to work with a special show on education, schools and parenting. You can call in by dialing 1-855-839-1210. And if you’re a Verizon or Bell Atlantic phone customer, just dial #1210.