Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

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A few days before Christmas, I sent a note to my e-news subscribers to wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In the message I thanked them for their support of my WPHT 1210 Radio Show, supporting the advertisers who pay the bills and make the show possible and, most importantly, to wish them my best during the holiday season.

I usually close these messages with a reminder to think about others whose holidays may be lonely or difficult. One group that always comes to mind are our military and their families. Every day, they serve and sacrifice. They put themselves in harm’s way. And they do it with courage, dignity and without complaint.

The same goes for the families of our military. They also endure great hardship and heartache. I cannot imagine the stress and anxiety they must feel when their loved ones are deployed, particularly in dangerous areas. It’s easy to forget the stress and sacrifice they too must endure.

I asked my subscribers not to forget those people who might be lonely this time of year. Perhaps a call, a visit or even an invite to share their holiday with them would make this time of year just a bit more brighter. And if you see or know a military member, their family or a veteran to go up to them and say “thank you.”

I heard back from one of my subscribers and listeners and her response warmed my heart. I won’t reveal her full name, except to identify her as “Irene.” She wrote to me:

Restaurant check“It is a practice of mine when ever I am in a restaurant & I see any military, I secretly ask their waitress to give me their check & I pay for their meal.  Most of the time I don’t get caught.”

Irene is my hero. What an awesome gesture. She’s not doing it for any type of recognition, just because it is the right thing to do.

I wanted to share her generous spirit with you not because I want to draw attention to her (judging by her note, it is clear that she does these good deeds quietly and discretely). But I wanted to share it in the hopes that it would inspire you to do the same. I know that she has inspired me.

So when it comes to recognizing and appreciating our military and military families, expressing thanks is always welcome. But if you really are grateful for all our military do for us with their service and sacrifice and you can afford it, would you join me in putting your money where your heart is?

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