I’ll Take the Hero Cat Over Mis-Guided Dog Lovers Any Day

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I am an unabashed cat lover. Earlier this year, after a lengthy illness, we had to put down our beloved cat, Gregory. He had a unique personality and was truly a member of our family.

Tara, the Hero Cat

Tara, the Hero Cat

Given my affection for cats, like the rest of the country, I was caught up in the news story a few months ago about the hero cat in Bakersfield, California. In case you missed it, a video security camera captured a vicious dog hunched under a car planning to attack a four-year old boy riding his back in the family driveway.

It is chilling to see the dog preparing to attack the child as if the boy was prey in the wild. The dog bites the child’s leg and attempts to drag the little boy away. Suddenly, Tara, the family’s cat, bursts out of the house and pounces on the dog with protective ferocity.

The dog runs away and tragedy is thankfully averted. Fortunately, the boy’s severe bites only required some stitches. It could have been a lot worse.

Of course, the video and story of the heroic cat went viral, with news coverage around the world. The cat was a hero, and the publicity this brave feline generated was absolutely deserving.

But what I found outrageous was the ridiculous outcry of support FOR THE DOG from a small segment of nutcases from the Bakersfield area. The dog was picked up by animal control after the dog’s owners agreed to surrender the animal.

While in the care of the Bakersfield SPCA, the dog continued to exhibit dangerous behavior. Given it’s aggressive behavior, it was decided that the dog would have to be euthanized because it was not a candidate for adoption.

The message boards on the local news sites were stunning. Many blamed the boy’s family for creating the negative publicity that was the catalyst for the dog’s “execution.”  One actually criticized the mother for letting the child be in the front yard (the video shows the mother was outside, too).

Others wanted to raise funds for a lawyer to save the life of this dangerous, unstable dog. One woman said she wanted to drive over 1,000 miles from her home in Seattle to take the dog, but officials told her the dog was too dangerous.

In several news reports, the local SPCA lamented the fact that with all the attention focused on a truly dangerous dog, what about all the good dogs in that shelter that would make wonderful pets?

Watch the video. It is downright chilling. The dog is stalking the child like a lion going after its prey. How can any reasonable person conclude that this dog is dangerous and likely beyond rehabilitation?

People who are motivated by dangerous dogs now even have a group called The Lexus Project. This organization raises money to provide legal resources to help get dangerous dogs off of “death row,” Wouldn’t it be better if those same dog-lovers would put their energy and resources into adopting good dogs who deserve a home? Why do these people have a preference for saving vicious dogs?

After reading the comments of the blindly-devoted supporters of this vicious dog, I can only conclude one thing: those people are suffering the canine version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

4 Responses to I’ll Take the Hero Cat Over Mis-Guided Dog Lovers Any Day

  1. Sylvia August 26, 2014 at 10:40 pm #

    People like that still amaze me. Nah that is too light of a word– stunned is more like it. Wow.

    • Dom August 27, 2014 at 1:26 am #

      For every dangerous dog that cannot be rehabilitated, I bet there are 500 GOOD dogs in desperate need of a home. Why are they only gung-ho about high-risk dogs?

  2. Joseph Fegan September 3, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    Dear Dom,
    I support you in euthanizing dangerous dogs and other animals.
    This dog was a predator. i wonder what its home life was. Did its owner(s) encourage belligerent behavior? This dog was not a victim. Thank God he was put down, and is no becoming organic compost.

  3. Doreen McGettigan September 3, 2014 at 10:45 pm #

    I think these are people that had to do something shocking to get any attention from their parents and then their bosses. Loners that never had any friends and people that have personality disorders.
    People that love and support terrorist, dangerous dogs and serial killers must have some form of mental illness.
    I am looking forward to your appearance at the Press Club in October!

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