Dom’s Job Seeker Network: Let’s Help My Listener Find a Job

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During the holidays, I devoted a show to listeners who have been struggling with unemployment and their difficulties in finding work.

It was one of the most emotionally draining shows I have done. Listener after listener, through no fault of their own, lost their jobs because the economy cratered and the housing bubble burst. For any politician or talking head that has the gall to say “the economy is back,” then I will send them a tape of that show. When you hear about the struggles people continue to go through, you realize the so-called recovery is not here yet.

Dom Job NetworkAfter that show, I pledged that my New Year’s resolution would be to help some of these listeners get connected to other listeners who might be able to do some “viral marketing” and share that person’s resume with their contacts. I am a big believer in the power of networking…you never know who in your circle of contacts might be helpful.

When I was early in my talk radio career, my overnight show had a feature called “Dom’s Job Line” in which callers looking for work shared their background and listeners who could help connect them to employers would call in.

This was before e-mail, the internet and social media. But guess what? IT WORKED!

Over the course of that programming feature, I estimate we connected close to 50 job seekers with prospective employers, and many of them found jobs.

Let’s Help Fellow Listeners

I want to do the same thing again…and I need your help.

I am going to start a regular feature on my blog called Dom Giordano’s Job Network. From time to time I will post the background of a listener who has been unemployed and struggling to find work. I want my “DomTown Network” (which includes my radio listeners, Facebook friends, LinkedIn Connections and Twitter followers) to help me in any or all of the following ways:

  • LIKE and SHARE this post so more people will see this post.
  • REQUEST THIS JOB-SEEKER’S RESUME from me and send it to your key contacts (ask them to do the same)

The listener I want to put the Dom Giordano Job Network to work for is “Larry” in the Elkton, Maryland area. Here is his story and background in his own words:

“My name is Larry, and I am seeking employment in the financial services field (13+ years of experience) as either a financial analyst or a market research analyst. In my role as a financial analyst, I was the CFO of a department at a Delaware bank, managing a $50mm operating budget. As a market research analyst I was responsible for both primary and secondary research providing strategic and tactical recommendations to senior management in support of retail banking, corporate client services and wealth management. I can commute anywhere along the Philadelphia to Baltimore corridor.”

“In 2007, I was able to stay home and care for my wife through an illness (she’s doing great!). Since that time, I have been self-employed. I also have a second job as a sales associate at a Home Depot store in Delaware.”

“I am very excited about resuming my career after having experienced a number of financial setbacks in 2013. I would welcome any opportunity to discuss my experience and skills in further detail. And thank you Dom for your kind and generous assistance.”

Dom says:

Can you give Larry’s resume some viral marketing help? If you are as big a believer in the Six-Degrees-of-Separation power of networking as I am and want to lend some job networking assistance to Larry, send me an e-mail at to get a copy of his resume. Thanks in advance for your help!

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