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You have the right to remain silent (if you mispronounce a word)

Getting Arrested by the Pronunciation Police

It happens like clockwork. Every day, without fail, my e-mail inbox contains a message from an aggravated and exasperated listener. Is it a message expressing outrage over the views expressed by a guest on my WPHT 1210-AM radio show? Did they want to take me to task about an opinion I expressed? Were they annoyed […]

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top 20 most shocking

Why Idiocy No Longer Makes My “Most Shocking” List

On the weekends, I have stumbled upon a series on the Tru TV Network called Top 20 Most Shocking. It’s a reality show compilation of video clips with a different theme each week. Obviously with a show with a title like that, you are not going to see the brightest human behavior. As a matter […]

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I have encountered a lot of trolls online and in talk radio.

Is It Time to Strike Back Against Internet and Talk Radio Trolls?

I went into talk radio with my eyes wide open. It’s not a profession for the feint of heart. Every day my radio show on WPHT 1210-AM is three hours of lightning-rod, controversial topics. People get quite passionate and opinionated. You get angry callers, letter writers and what we call in the business- “cranks.” But […]

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Matthew Quick

Book Review: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

DOM SAYS: Today’s guest book reviewer is Doreen McGettigan, a published author herself (more info on Doreen at the end of this review). When she told me that she wanted to review  by Matthew Quick, I had about a thousand reasons to say yes. Here’s four: I love the fact that the author, Matthew Quick, […]

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Photo credit: The Washington Post

Joe Paterno: From the “Great Experiment” to the Great Embarrassment

Since last November when the Jerry Sandusky pedophile scandal broke, my radio show was a lightning rod because off my criticism of Penn State’s leadership, including Joe Paterno, in the days after the scandal erupted. Years ago I had the opportunity to interview Joe Paterno. In terms of my talk radio career, it was quite […]

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Bullied Bus Monitor Deserves Every Single Penny Donated to Her

After 20 years of teaching and an equal number covering stories as a talk radio host, I often think nothing could really surprise me. I have seen a lot of low moments in the classroom and have covered a great deal of school-related stories on talk radio, but I can’t remember a story that has […]

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Sandusky mugshot

After the Jerry Sandusky Verdict: It’s Time to Go After More Child Sexual Terrorists

On Friday night, the victims of Jerry Sandusky received a small measure of justice. The jury convicted him of 45 out of a possible 48 counts of his sex crimes against his young victims. I had just arrived down the shore to begin a vacation when I received a tip from one of my media […]

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The Legacy of Rodney King

Twenty years ago, I was doing overnights on WWDB Radio in Philadelphia. I vividly remember the Rodney King controversey and the aftermath of the verdict. When the verdict was announced, one of the most compelling aspects of the case was that it was captured on tape. Back then, it was a rarity. Video cameras were […]

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This gives you an idea of the type of person who needs handicapped parking.

Handicap Parking Abusers: Just Another Type of Traffic Scofflaw

A few weeks ago my wife Roe and I went to a popular restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was crowded, so we put our name in and waited outside to be called. While we were waiting, I noticed the restaurant’s two handicap parking spaces. Within a couple of minutes, two cars took those spaces. Who […]

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