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Being interviewed at Chick-fil-A

More on Chick-fil-A Appeciation Day

Thanks to everyone who visited their local Chick-fil-A to support Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. I visited the Chick-fil-A in South Philadelphia after my radio show on WPHT 1210-AM. I was blown away by the turnout. Regardless of where you are on the gay marriage issue, one of the cornerstones of our democracy is freedom of speech […]

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Chick-fil-A: Political Overstepping is on the Menu

Our country is supposed to be guided by the Constitution. The freedom to practice our religious beliefs. The freedom to express our views and opinions. And while not specifically mentioned, our free enterprise system allows us to build a business. Yet, these three principles of freedom are under attack in several major cities- Boston, Chicago […]

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Photo credit: CSN Monitor

Dear Mr. President: When Did Capitalism Become a Bad Word?

At a speech in Virginia on July 13th, President Obama gave Americans, and business owners in particular, a sobering insight into his thinking with his now-infamous “you didn’t build that” speech. By now, you have seen the video clips of the speech or you read an account of the speech or a transcript. I have […]

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Dom with Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: As Real as They Come

One of the great parts of my job as a talk show host on WPHT 1210-AM Radio is that I get to meet and observe behind-the-scenes  politicians and other public figures. Then I get to relay my observations to you. After a number of years of doing this, I’ve developed a pretty good radar that helps […]

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Calorie Cops: You Can’t Legislate Responsibility

I don’t know about you, but I sleep well at night knowing people like Michelle Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter are helping me and countless parents and children from committing caloric harm to ourselves. Mayor Bloomberg is the latest politician seeking to lecture the public on its eating habits, […]

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Face to Face with Senator Marco Rubio

One of my strengths of my WPHT 1210 AM Radio Show is”Big Issues Big Guests.”  I’ve brought Donald Rumsfeld to the Valley Forge Military Academy and College to talk about our national security. I’ve brought Richard Dreyfuss to the Constitution Center to talk about the need for kids to be taught Civics.  However, no one has caused such […]

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