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Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

A few days before Christmas, I sent a note to my e-news subscribers to wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In the message I thanked them for their support of my WPHT 1210 Radio Show, supporting the advertisers who pay the bills and make the show possible and, most importantly, to wish them […]

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Norman Rockwell

What I Am Grateful For at Thanksgiving

The other day I was talking to a talk radio colleague who works in another market. I called to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. He told me, “you know what I am really thankful for? The Obama Administration.” I was a bit perplexed and asked him to explain. He said, “they give me so much […]

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I have encountered a lot of trolls online and in talk radio.

Is It Time to Strike Back Against Internet and Talk Radio Trolls?

I went into talk radio with my eyes wide open. It’s not a profession for the feint of heart. Every day my radio show on WPHT 1210-AM is three hours of lightning-rod, controversial topics. People get quite passionate and opinionated. You get angry callers, letter writers and what we call in the business- “cranks.” But […]

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Favorite Books and Authors: Threat Vector by Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney

Message from Dom: Don George has been a longtime listener and friend of my show. Since Don is one of the most upstanding citizens of “DomTown USA,” it is only fitting that Don be the inaugural guest contributor to my Favorite Books and Authors feature on my blog. Don’s a Tom Clancy fan and in […]

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New Feature: My Favorite Books and Authors

Here is a picture in the “nerve center” of Dom Giordano Radio Headquarters. My work desk at WPHT 1210 Radio show just a small portion of the books I get from publishers, publicists and authors seeking media coverage or a radio interview. I have to admit that the idea of being bombarded with books was […]

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New Years Eve

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

When I taught high school, I preached the importance of having goals to my students. At the start of the school year and at New Year’s, I stressed how setting goals plays a big part in your success. I still make goals and success plans for myself. I actually have an archive of sorts of […]

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Neil Armstrong: Remembering an American Hero

We lost a true American hero with the passing of Neil Armstrong. Like most Americans in the 1960’s, I marveled at the accomplishments of the accomplishments of our space program. It was an era when America dared to dream big. To me, there was no bigger hero at the time than Neil Armstrong. Not a […]

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