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Your Correspondent’s “Shore Tour” Dispatches: Wildwood’s Economic Fortunes Are Wildly Different

I’ve been coming to the shore since, well…almost forever. My family bought a home in Wildwood for summers when I was little (and so were the home prices at that time), and I can’t ever remember a summer in which I did not get a chance to be down here for a few weeks.   […]

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Kudos to Good Morning America for giving Colin the ultimate surprise party

Why “Happy Birthday Colin” Matters: A Reader Shares Their Story

DOM SAYS: In the dog-lover community, there is a saying: there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. The same applies to bad kids. Kids turn bad because of bad and/or absent parenting. After spending two decades “in the trenches” as a teacher, I saw first-hand how these bad kids were classroom cancers. They weren’t […]

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Wonder Why Health Insurance Premiums Go Up? A Possible Answer.

The video says it all, so I’ll be brief. How many hospital emergency rooms are treating the typical thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkies like the one you see in this video? Whether this guy has insurance or not is beside the point. Either way, WE pay more in healthcare costs because of reckless stunts like this. Not […]

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How About a Real Contract with Congress?

Last week I watched the swearing-in ceremonies with the new Congress. When I was growing up, I was taught that public service was a noble endeavor. It felt right to respect and admire our elected members to Congress. The U.S. Capitol was, of course, “The People’s House.” But sadly, as I watched the ceremonies on […]

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Required lights for a traditional, authentic Christmas!

The Great Christmas Light Debate

Are you living under a white light Iron Curtain? Does your neighborhood, development or town have an unwritten rule that white lights are traditional, chic, or just look better than colored lights for Christmas? Throw off these phony airs and embrace the lights of your childhood.  Start an outpost of traditional colorful Christmas lights inside […]

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It’s About the Small Business Economy, Stupid

The past election had a lot of campaign rhetoric about so-called “wars” against women, against this group and against that group. But there was one “war” that seemed to be largely overlooked in the election: the war against entrepreneurs and small businesses. In this war, the battle line is pretty clear. Government does not recognize […]

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Join My First “Cash Mob” on Sunday October 7th

One of the most outrageous events I talked about on my radio show last year were the flash mobs that created terror, mayhem and destruction in Philadelphia. I was disgusted by the behavior of the teenagers who terrorized Center City Philadelphia. Their path of organized destruction was a low point. It was also a parenting […]

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Fixing Our Broken Education System: How About We Start with the Parents?

This past week in my education column for The Philadelphia Daily News, I wrote about a Philadelphia couple who were criminally charged by the Montgomery County District Attorney for claiming their elementary school daughter lived with her grandfather in Lower Moreland Township so she could get a better education You heard right. Criminally charged. I […]

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Neil Armstrong: Remembering an American Hero

We lost a true American hero with the passing of Neil Armstrong. Like most Americans in the 1960’s, I marveled at the accomplishments of the accomplishments of our space program. It was an era when America dared to dream big. To me, there was no bigger hero at the time than Neil Armstrong. Not a […]

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Facebook letter

There’s a Lot of Anti-Social Behavior in Social Media

I’ll admit it, I’m somewhat of a newbie when it comes to social media. Even though I was sort of late to the social media party, I have become a huge fan and user of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, podcasts and the rest. Facebook in particular has become a huge boon to my radio show. It’s […]

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