After the Jerry Sandusky Verdict: It’s Time to Go After More Child Sexual Terrorists

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On Friday night, the victims of Jerry Sandusky received a small measure of justice. The jury convicted him of 45 out of a possible 48 counts of his sex crimes against his young victims.

I had just arrived down the shore to begin a vacation when I received a tip from one of my media sources who was covering the trial in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, telling me that the jury could return a verdict later that night. I cut short my evening’s plans and returned to our rental house, anxiously scanning the TV channels for any news.


Perhaps my tipster had a bad tip. It happens when you’re in the “fog” of covering a huge story like this.

As I worked some other sources and waited for confirmation that a verdict was imminent, a knot started to form in my stomach. The amount of jury deliberations was incredibly brief.

Could this be a sign that an acquittal was coming?

The thought sickened me.

Too many times I have been outraged at past juries falling short of their duties in cases involving young children. Outrageous examples of jurors applying twisted logic, ignoring facts and common sense, and forgetting their most important responsibility: to seek justice for the young victims.

Poor Caylee Anthony comes to mind. I still wonder how those jurors can look themselves in the mirrors or sleep at night thinking they did the right thing legally and morally.

Thankfully, the Centre County jury was a group of 12 men and women who brought moral strength and common sense to their deliberations. They took the totality of the evidence presented to them and came to the only conclusion a reasonable society could:

How could so many young victims be lying?

More importantly, they answered a very important question: why would we not believe a kid?

That very thought was what one of the victims lamented on the witness stand. When asked why he did not do anything or say anything to stop the horrific actions by Sandusky, the victim told the court that Sandusky was not just physically bigger than him; he was a popular and beloved coach, a respected and admired community leader in Happy Valley.

The victim said, “who would believe a kid?”

It’s clear that the jury in Centre County believes a kid. But my concern in that we as a society need to do far more in our words and our actions to let victims of child sex abuse everywhere know that we believe them, too.

While the verdict and Sandusky’s expected harsh prison sentence will never fully make up for the physical and emotional pain suffered by these young boys, I hope it will bring them a small measure of peace. Maybe it can heal some of the scars that were inflicted by Sandusky and the shame that they have felt that society did not care.

I hope the verdict tells them as a society we believe you. We ache for you and the suffering you endured. And we promise to do more to put aware more sex predators and monsters like Jerry Sandusky away so no more innocent young children will be harmed.

For twenty years, this issue has been a personal crusade for me on my radio show. I came from a teaching career before going into talk radio. My wife Roe has been an elementary school teacher. We have seen first-hand how innocent, impressionable, vulnerable and defenseless young children are. It’s easy to see how predators like Sandusky and other pedophiles like him can exploit kids to satisfy their sick desires.

It’s Time to Declare War on Sexual Terrorists

I have used my radio show to put a bright, uncomfortable light on these cockroaches of society who prey on our youngest and most vulnerable children. I have gone after pedophiles, their defenders and their enablers who try to “normalize” pedophilia. And with the whole sordid Penn State scandal, I have been relentlessly vocal in criticizing the university’s leaders for their casual reaction to that fact that Sandusky was committing unspeakable sex crimes against young boys on their very campus.

I received a ton of backlash (and a few threats) from rabid Penn State loyalists for daring me to criticize the inaction of Joe Paterno. How could I possibly side with the actions of Penn State’s Board of Trustees to fire a coaching legend? How could I condone the harsh way Joe Paterno was treated?

To me, the answer is clear and indisputable: what about the child victims? That should always come first. The way to measure our moral character as a society is to see how quickly and fully we are ready to put our moral values into action when it comes to defending the youngest and most vulnerable.

Our moral leadership is more important priority that protecting a football program, a football coach’s legacy, a university, a church or any other institution.

It’s funny, but when the scandal first broke, the defenders of Paterno (and to a lesser degree the defenders of the actions of Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz) were loud and angry. A lot of harsh words were directed at the Penn State Trustees for firing Paterno, and they were quite vocal in the days after Paterno’s death. But I noticed that as more of the sickening accounts of Sandusky’s behavior came out, the volume of their rhetoric diminished significantly.

To Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, I hope the verdict sends the three of you a message: we have not forgotten about you and the role you played in this tragedy. Do the Commonwealth a favor and spare the taxpayers and Sandusky’s victims a favor and take plea deals. To paraphrase one of Spanier’s outrageous e-mails, it would “be the humane thing to do.”

And while we’re at it, let’s remind Pennsylvania taxpayers that you’re paying for Sandusky’s Penn State pension. Since he’s been convicted, it’s time to take that away.

It’s Time to Call Out the Pedophile Agenda

This case has reaffirmed my commitment to put other pedophiles, supporters and enablers on notice. It’s time we as a society defend our children against these “sexual terrorists” that prey upon our children.

Sick organizations like NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association) are a threat to children. Some years back, NAMBLA agreed to appear on a local TV news program to debate the merits of “normalizing” pedophilia in our society. NAMBLA cancelled at the last minute when they found out they would be debating me on the program.

Hey NAMBLA- I haven’t forgotten about you. I dare you to come out of the dark shadows and come on my program to tell me and my listeners what is so normal about grown men preying upon young boys to satisfy your twisted sexual desires. Stop lurking on your internet chat boards and your pornographic file sharing sites; come on my show and let’s have a debate? Or is the only time you can win a debate is when you try to manipulate an impressionable and vulnerable young boy?

And to that former Philadelphia university professor who has been publishing his junk science that claims un-coerced sexual relationships between pedophiles and young boys does not produce damage in children, I have a message for you: I have not forgotten your pro-pedophile agenda cloaked in academic B.S….I’m coming after you too, buddy.

And Law Enforcement: Enforce Megan’s Law!

And to those in law enforcement who say that Megan’s Laws are not really effective and reluctantly enforce the laws requiring communities to be notified when a sex offender lives in a neighborhood, I will continue to give you 50,000 watts of criticism.

I don’t want to hear about your studies and statistics. Just do your job and enforce laws that will help keep children safe. If it prevents just one tragedy, then it’s worth it.

If you are still reluctant to enforce Megan’s Law, send me your resume and I will read it on my show in the hopes that it will help you find another job…because you clearly do not deserve to be in law enforcement. Your job is to serve and protect.

For every high-profile case like Jerry Sandusky that ends with a just verdict, there are countless thousands of cases where pedophiles get off with mild sentences or are let off because of sympathetic judges and juries.  To those victims who suffer twice with the sexual violation and then the outrageous lack of justice, we need to do more.

I pledge to call out more of these pedophiles and sex predators. I will continue to put pressure on our law enforcement agencies and legal system to make sure that these criminals pay the maximum price for committing the worst crimes against our youngest and most vulnerable victims.

There’s nothing “normal” about grown men or women sexually exploiting and victimizing young children. There’s nothing honorable about lawyers using despicable tactics to defend their pedophile clients.

And there’s nothing good about living in a society that casually accepts these crimes. We need to make our voices heard in our local communities.

We can start by getting this message to our friends, family, neighbors , co-workers and public officials. Please use the “sharebar” to the left of this post and e-mail, re-tweet it and “Facebook-it” to everyone you know. And start talking about it and demand enforcement and action in your local community.

We need to speak for the children who cannot. There is nothing more important than adults mobilizing and declaring war on these sexual terrorists who victimize our children. Do not let this trial fade into your memory. The fight has just begun…we need to win this battle.

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6 Responses to After the Jerry Sandusky Verdict: It’s Time to Go After More Child Sexual Terrorists

  1. Larry Cohen June 24, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Every time a Jerry Sandusky story comes on the air my wife , who is
    a school teacher , always makes the same comment which makes
    me even angrier . She always says ; “everyone knew ” ,

    She says in a school rumors fly through the place
    and this was no exception.

    Larry Cohen

    • Bill June 24, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

      I was a teacher for close to 40 years and I can tell you if I knew that children were being abused by a staff member and did nothing I would be accountable.

  2. Pasquale June 24, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    Everyone is outraged as I am. However, the thing I worry about most is that the outrage will carry over with caution to the winds and some innocent people may be accused as happened in the past.

    The priest scandal is a good example. For the few who have been accused (even one is too many) it seems that the there are many who will see a pedophile in every priest.
    Most of the priests are good men and don’t deserve it.

    Remember the daycare staff which was falsely accused several years ago? There was no abuse but the children were subjected to such stern interrogation that they agreed with the interrogators who were biased against the accused.

    Sandusky without doubt was guilty and got what he deserved. Let’s not get into a frenzy and go after every one who smiles at a child.

  3. Don In Bucks June 30, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

    What a shame that the same vigor seems to have been and continues to be lacking when it comes to the like of Bishops and Cardinals, all of whom have known for years. A monsignoir is “found guilty” but Bishop Cistone who ordered and watched the destruction of records roams (no pun intended) free??

    • Bill July 3, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

      “Evil Prevails when Good Men Fail To Act”….:

  4. Patti November 20, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    Unfortunately, I just found this article, so I’m not sure anyone will see this post. I am one of the child victims and adult survivor of incest and child sexual assault by a minister. Growing up in a domestic violent family and the incest beginning at age 3, I assumed abuse was normal for many years…into my 30’s.
    For all the “registered” sex offenders, let it be know, there are triple the number that have never been caught and never been reported. Most kids don’t tell, don’t know how to tell, or if they tell, the parents, educators, etc. either do not believe them or don’t know what to do with the info. There simply is not enough education and awareness. Even scarier, when kids to tell their parents, often times, the parent is a survivor and brushes it under the rug because if they deal with their child, then they will definitely have to deal with their past.
    I am very vocal about my abuse and met many many survivors, not one…one…of those abuse victims ever told. Shocking? No. Why? Because pedophiles know how to groom. They know how to keep the victims silent.
    There is so much more I can say on this subject, but I won’t go into it here. I simply want to say, Thank You for your article, keep on talking and, if you haven’t already, check out
    as they are one of the top reasons that laws get passed on this subject. Support them and their fight and make your voices heard.
    And, by the way, Pasquale, your attitude about not getting into a frenzy, is the exact reason people think “it’s just a smile, he’s really a good neighbor, or grandfather or dad”. When an older man takes a keen interest in a child, there is reason to take a good hard long look!!!

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