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The only question I ask when I arrive at a speaking engagement.

The Wonderful World of Public Speaking

I have been speaking before groups long before I got into talk radio. I guess speaking was ingrained into my DNA. Growing up in a large, Italian family was good training, especially when it came to conversations at the family dinner table. Of course, there is no better training ground for public speaking (or talk […]

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Tara, the Hero Cat

I’ll Take the Hero Cat Over Mis-Guided Dog Lovers Any Day

I am an unabashed cat lover. Earlier this year, after a lengthy illness, we had to put down our beloved cat, Gregory. He had a unique personality and was truly a member of our family. Given my affection for cats, like the rest of the country, I was caught up in the news story a […]

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Bruce Jordan

From Talk Show Host to Theater Critic: Dom Reviews Moorestown Theater Company’s Fiddler on the Roof

Before talk radio, I was a high school teacher in South Jersey. Runnemede to be exact. Teaching at Triton High School, Runnemede was a typical middle class community. So a town like Moorestown, even though it was just 10 minutes down the road, had a reputation. People used to kid that the streets were paved […]

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My Facebook Rules

Is it Social Media or Anti-Social Media?

I’ve written and commented numerous times on the topic of social media, particularly as it pertains to my Facebook page. I primarily do that to re-emphasize my policy when it comes to the type of content I will allow to be posted on my page. I do not tolerate profanity I will not accept personal […]

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Cash Mob

Join Dom’s Cash Mob and Support Fiddler on the Roof Fri July 18

I am a HUGE fan of small businesses. They are the real entrepreneurs. They create jobs. Their businesses contribute so much to the local economy and their communities. And when was the last time a small business went hat-in-hand begging for a bailout from the federal government? NEVER! It occurred to me that in talk […]

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Your Correspondent’s “Shore Tour” Dispatches: Wildwood’s Economic Fortunes Are Wildly Different

I’ve been coming to the shore since, well…almost forever. My family bought a home in Wildwood for summers when I was little (and so were the home prices at that time), and I can’t ever remember a summer in which I did not get a chance to be down here for a few weeks.   […]

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Meet Allen West Thursday April 3 at Valley Forge Military Academy

One of the things I enjoy most about talk radio is meeting the newsmakers face to face. While the majority of my talk radio interviews are by phone, you cannot take a full measure of a person when they are just a voice on the other end of the line. You can gain remarkable insight […]

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Kudos to Good Morning America for giving Colin the ultimate surprise party

Why “Happy Birthday Colin” Matters: A Reader Shares Their Story

DOM SAYS: In the dog-lover community, there is a saying: there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. The same applies to bad kids. Kids turn bad because of bad and/or absent parenting. After spending two decades “in the trenches” as a teacher, I saw first-hand how these bad kids were classroom cancers. They weren’t […]

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You have the right to remain silent (if you mispronounce a word)

Getting Arrested by the Pronunciation Police

It happens like clockwork. Every day, without fail, my e-mail inbox contains a message from an aggravated and exasperated listener. Is it a message expressing outrage over the views expressed by a guest on my WPHT 1210-AM radio show? Did they want to take me to task about an opinion I expressed? Were they annoyed […]

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Dom Job Network

Dom’s Job Seeker Network: Let’s Help My Listener Find a Job

During the holidays, I devoted a show to listeners who have been struggling with unemployment and their difficulties in finding work. It was one of the most emotionally draining shows I have done. Listener after listener, through no fault of their own, lost their jobs because the economy cratered and the housing bubble burst. For […]

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