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Restaurant check

Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

A few days before Christmas, I sent a note to my e-news subscribers to wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In the message I thanked them for their support of my WPHT 1210 Radio Show, supporting the advertisers who pay the bills and make the show possible and, most importantly, to wish them […]

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Wonder Why Health Insurance Premiums Go Up? A Possible Answer.

The video says it all, so I’ll be brief. How many hospital emergency rooms are treating the typical thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkies like the one you see in this video? Whether this guy has insurance or not is beside the point. Either way, WE pay more in healthcare costs because of reckless stunts like this. Not […]

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Norman Rockwell

What I Am Grateful For at Thanksgiving

The other day I was talking to a talk radio colleague who works in another market. I called to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. He told me, “you know what I am really thankful for? The Obama Administration.” I was a bit perplexed and asked him to explain. He said, “they give me so much […]

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Bring Your Appetite to Dom Giordano’s 5th Annual Feast of the Seven Fishes Dinner

For 14 years, Philly sports fans and sports reporters always heard former Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid talk about the need “to do a better job” after every Eagles game. Coincidentally, that is my mantra for my upcoming Fifth Annual Feast of the Seven Fishes Dinner. Since I decided to do this dinner five years […]

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top 20 most shocking

Why Idiocy No Longer Makes My “Most Shocking” List

On the weekends, I have stumbled upon a series on the Tru TV Network called Top 20 Most Shocking. It’s a reality show compilation of video clips with a different theme each week. Obviously with a show with a title like that, you are not going to see the brightest human behavior. As a matter […]

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Thank You to the Best Listeners on the Planet

I’ve just found out that Talkers Magazine, the Bible of the talk radio industry, has rated me number 45 on their Heavy Hundred list. You can view the entire list here. This is a list of the top one hundred hosts in America out of the thousands that are doing talk radio. The hosts listed […]

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My Taxpayer of the Year Award

As I write this, I am looking at my W-2 and 1099 tax forms for 2012. Every year I bring them to my tax preparer and as his calculator works overtime, I anxiously await the “damage.” During tax season, millions of Americans go through that same tax anxiety. But this year, the anxiety is going […]

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I have encountered a lot of trolls online and in talk radio.

Is It Time to Strike Back Against Internet and Talk Radio Trolls?

I went into talk radio with my eyes wide open. It’s not a profession for the feint of heart. Every day my radio show on WPHT 1210-AM is three hours of lightning-rod, controversial topics. People get quite passionate and opinionated. You get angry callers, letter writers and what we call in the business- “cranks.” But […]

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Matthew Quick

Book Review: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

DOM SAYS: Today’s guest book reviewer is Doreen McGettigan, a published author herself (more info on Doreen at the end of this review). When she told me that she wanted to review  by Matthew Quick, I had about a thousand reasons to say yes. Here’s four: I love the fact that the author, Matthew Quick, […]

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Favorite Books and Authors: Threat Vector by Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney

Message from Dom: Don George has been a longtime listener and friend of my show. Since Don is one of the most upstanding citizens of “DomTown USA,” it is only fitting that Don be the inaugural guest contributor to my Favorite Books and Authors feature on my blog. Don’s a Tom Clancy fan and in […]

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