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Natalie Munroe 2

Blogging Teacher Gets an “F” in Common Sense

A teacher’s radar is always on alert when you see students whispering and snickering amongst themselves or passing notes in class. I was constantly intercepting notes, and some of the more inappropriate note-writers received punishments and trips to the principal’s office. In an ironic twist of stupidity, Natalie Munroe, the Central Bucks East High School […]

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Sandusky mugshot

After the Jerry Sandusky Verdict: It’s Time to Go After More Child Sexual Terrorists

On Friday night, the victims of Jerry Sandusky received a small measure of justice. The jury convicted him of 45 out of a possible 48 counts of his sex crimes against his young victims. I had just arrived down the shore to begin a vacation when I received a tip from one of my media […]

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Daily News Column: I Believe in Heroes

The latest allegations against Lance Armstrong are troubling. His athletic achievements have been impressive, and his work to provide hope and support to others through his Live Strong Foundation have been downright inspirational. We live in a cynical world where it seems to be a bloodsport to tear down our heroes. Does that mean we […]

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The Legacy of Rodney King

Twenty years ago, I was doing overnights on WWDB Radio in Philadelphia. I vividly remember the Rodney King controversey and the aftermath of the verdict. When the verdict was announced, one of the most compelling aspects of the case was that it was captured on tape. Back then, it was a rarity. Video cameras were […]

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Calorie Cops: You Can’t Legislate Responsibility

I don’t know about you, but I sleep well at night knowing people like Michelle Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter are helping me and countless parents and children from committing caloric harm to ourselves. Mayor Bloomberg is the latest politician seeking to lecture the public on its eating habits, […]

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Could the Demise of Borders Have Been Prevented?

I have to admit it: I’m a traditionalist when it comes to reading. I love the feel of a crisp newspaper or a book. While I am going to go the Amazon Kindle route like the rest of the world, I hope the printed word, on real paper, won’t entirely disappear. That’s why I was […]

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This gives you an idea of the type of person who needs handicapped parking.

Handicap Parking Abusers: Just Another Type of Traffic Scofflaw

A few weeks ago my wife Roe and I went to a popular restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was crowded, so we put our name in and waited outside to be called. While we were waiting, I noticed the restaurant’s two handicap parking spaces. Within a couple of minutes, two cars took those spaces. Who […]

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Face to Face with Senator Marco Rubio

One of my strengths of my WPHT 1210 AM Radio Show is”Big Issues Big Guests.”  I’ve brought Donald Rumsfeld to the Valley Forge Military Academy and College to talk about our national security. I’ve brought Richard Dreyfuss to the Constitution Center to talk about the need for kids to be taught Civics.  However, no one has caused such […]

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